Terms of service

Terms and Conditions of Services – General for Consumer

1.Definition and Interpretation
1.11.1 In these General Terms and Conditions of Service, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Account”means any account of a Customer with the Service Provider with respect to the provision of any Service; 

“Bill”means any bill, invoice or statement issued or rendered by the Service Provider of any charge, fee or other sum stated therein as due or payable to the Service Provider and/or of the sum or sums or balance due or payable to or from the Service Provider in respect of any Service or on any Account; 

“Billing and Payment Terms”means the terms and conditions by or subject to which the Fees and Charges become due and payable or governing matters related to Bills, as determined by the Service Provider from time to time, including the Billing Terms and Conditions available on Singtel’s website; 

“broadcasting equipment”means any equipment used for the purpose of broadcasting or which facilitates broadcasting or the provision of any broadcasting service; “broadcasting”means the transmission of signs or signals, whether or not encrypted, comprising:any programme capable of being received, or received and displayed, as visual images, whether moving or still;any sound programme for reception; orany programme, being a combination of both visual image (whether moving or still) and sound for reception or reception and display;

 “Broadcasting Act”means the Broadcasting Act (Cap 28) including all amendments and revisions thereto from time to time in force; “corporation”has the same meaning as defined in the Companies Act (Cap 50); “Customer Agreement”means an agreement between the Service Provider and the Customer relating to any Service or Singtel Equipment, including these General Terms, Singtel’s Data Protection Policy and the Specific Terms, if any, relating thereto; “Customer Group Corporation”means any corporation within the Customer Group; “Customer Group”in relation to any Customer which is a corporation, means the corporations comprising the Customer and its related corporations; “Customer Information”means, in relation to a Customer, all information which the Service Provider obtains as a result of such Customer’s use of a Service provided by the Service Provider or in connection with the contract or agreement between that Customer and the Service Provider, including any information (including opinions) which identifies or which relates to an individual, whether true or not, and any information of a Customer collected, used or disclosed as described in Singtel’s Data Protection Policy; “Customer Request”means any request, order or instruction of the Customer to the Service Provider (whether with respect to any Service or otherwise); “Customer”means any person who applies or subscribes for or utilises any Service; “eBill”means the Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment service operated by Singtel; “Fees and Charges”means fees, charges and/or rental in connection with provision of any Service; “General Terms”means these General Terms and Conditions; “IDA”means the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore; “Law”means the laws of the Republic of Singapore, including the Telecommunications Act and the Broadcasting Act and all rules and regulations made thereunder and the rules, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines and directions of the IDA and the MDA made under or pursuant to any law in force in the Republic of Singapore, including the Telco Code and the Media Code; “MDA”means the Media Development Authority of Singapore; “Media Code”means the Code of Practice for Market Conduct in the Provision of Media Services issued by the MDA including all amendments and revisions thereto from time to time in force; “NSP Regulations”means the Copyright (Network Service Provider) Regulations including all amendments and revisions thereto from time to time in force; “person”includes any association, partnership, firm or corporation; “Pre-Paid Fees”means monies paid into an Account and credited to a Customer, from which Fees and Charges are deducted at the time of accrual without the issue of any Bill relating to those Fees and Charges; “Prescribed Rate”means an interest rate of two (2) percent per month;